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Materials Recovery Facility, Dublin 24

Ballymount M.R.F.


Dublin Region Local Authority

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Industrial, Residential

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Project Detail:

Overview The materials recycling facility at Ballymount in South Dublin is the return centre for some 300,000 green bins in Dublin. Here the waste is sorted and baled before being sent for recycling. The facility accepts paper, cardboard, food tins, drink cans and liquid cartons. All materials are processed at the 4,100 sq.m depot in Ballymount. This was a challenging installation due to the heavy electrical load requirements of the compactor and sorting machinery. The plant is supplied by a dedicated 2 MVA electrical supply. The diverse layout of the machinery made the installation of the containment systems a difficult process. In some cases the electrical installation was carried out concurrently with the plant installation requiring an extensive amount of coordination with different suppliers.

More Detail:

Designer Group are responsible for all Mechanical and Electrical Services comprising of

  • CCTV system in the production and site footprint
  •  MV and LV electrical Installation
  •  L2 fire alarm system using a combination of beam and rate of rise detectors
  •  Detailed heavy duty cable ladder and tray distribution system
  •  The large compactor equipment required an extensive amount of large power distribution cables
  •  Lighting and emergency lighting systems
  •  External lighting to the site and truck docking area
  •  The automated plant required a large amount of instrumentation equipment networking cabling