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Birmingham Central Exchange


Aggmore / DCE

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Data Centres

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Project Detail:

Overview Data City Exchange (DCE), offer data centre services to clients implementing decentralised data storage topologies. The centres are developed to facilitate geographically diverse cloud environments and demo suites for “on-demand clouds” across Europe to SMEs. The DCE client base includes both corporate and public sector customers. This project is located in a 8,000 sq.m facility in Birmingham UK. Demonstration suites are interlinked to create a collaborative test and back up environment. For transatlantic application testing connections are handled via East Coast and Kelvin in the USA through DCE’s Cloud-vault test facilities based in partner data centre locations. Designer Group was responsible for providing the complete mechanical and electrical design and build infrastructural services for 7 no. pods. The installation was designed to be scalable to individual client’s needs with each pod designed to operate between 0.4 and 1.2 MVA total white space load. The design was delivered on a BIM platform solution with 5D information aiding estimation and cost functions.

More Detail:

Designer Group are responsible for all Mechanical and Electrical Services comprising of

  • Full MV/LV installation of 17 no. internally coupled 2MVA transformers and RMUs (Ring Main Units)
  • Installation and commissioning of 19 no. 1.25MVA backup generators
  • Installation of fully controlled ABB Energy Monitoring System which allows client for full load shedding controls and interlocking between numerous of Main Distribution Boards
  • Switchgear installation consists of 2 separate supplies A & B to guarantee client constant energy supply to critical parts of the system
    Supply, commissioning and interface with BMS to 14 no. 500kVA UPS systems with further expansion to 48no. units if required
  • Extensive HV/LV sub-mains cabling and bus bar system
  • Complete new earthing system to all transformers and generator to provide both dirty and clean earth to the electrical system
  • P1 fire alarm system using a combination of VESDA smoke aspiration and an array of addressable detection/notification devices
  • Traditional electrical installation, containment, general services, general and emergency lighting
  • 4-channel fire alarm interface units to allow client to send signal back to house fire alarm in event of fire within the pod as well as receiving fault/alarm signal from house system to allow for release of fire suppression system
  • Designated pod distribution boards to provide the client with un-interrupted power supply backed up by UPS and generator
  • 7 no. 1.5MW internal water cooled chillers to serve chilled water requirements for the whole building
  • 7 no. external cooling towers to serve chillers and heat exchangers with the intention to operate under a free cooling mode for the majority of the year
  • Full chilled/condenser water system inc. 80,000 litres buffer vessel integrated within the chilled water system
  • 7 no. 14m3/s Air Handling Units serving electrical switch-rooms and data halls
  • Building wide ordinary hazard wet sprinkler system combined with pre-action sprinklers to electrical switch-rooms
  • 3 no. 150,000 litre cold water storage tanks to serve requirements throughout the building
  • Fully integrated BMS system installed interfacing with EMS, fire alarm and all services infrastructure equipment
  • Numerous heat exchangers incorporated to serve data pods