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Con Colbert House, Kilmainham, Dublin 8, Co. Dublin

Con Colbert House Data Centre, Dublin



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Data Centres

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Project Detail:

Con Colbert House Data Centre Description: Live Data Centre Retrofit Con Colbert house contains a data centre to support our client’s IT infrastructure. The equipment in the building remained live and operational while Designer Group refit and extended the data centre adding capacity and resilience. Our BIM Team developed a BIM model of the installation in Revit to aid the coordination process. During the upgrade works the building remained fully operational at all times. Specialist cooling chambers were purpose built to protect and maintain the equipment at the desired operational conditions. Mobile temperature sensors were installed to provide overheating alerts. Designer Group undertook the PSCS role in the project as it was MEP driven. The project was a design and build contract. New plant was added to the design to upgrade the facility to one with resilient UPS, Power, Distribution and Cooling services. The existing plant and equipment remained operational in parallel with the new installation and was removed when all the IT equipment load was fully transferred to the new power distribution boards. The existing installation was fed from underfloor services. The new installation provided independently supplied high-level bus-bars to provide A and B supplies to each cabinet.

More Detail:

Designer Group are responsible for all Mechanical and Electrical Services comprising of

  • Generator installation 1 no. 950 kVA unit
  • N+1 UPS installation 2 no. 250 kVA units
  • Power factor and harmonic filtering equipment installation
  • Lighting and power installation to the Data Centre
  • Thermoplastic fiber raceway throughout the data hall
  • Networked Intelligent PDU installation connected to the building management system
  • Bus-bar installation, A and B supplies to each cabinet
  • A and B distribution supplies to opposite ends of the data centre
  • Supply and installation of new comms cabinets
  • Primary and secondary electrical supply was maintained to servers and cooling equipment during the live changeover
  • Supply and installation of two number Power Distribution Units (PDUs) A and B to supply the A and B power bus-bar
  • CRAC cooling installation, 6 no. 60 kW units with N+1 capability
  • Temporary cooling solution for live services monitored 24/7 with alerts
  • High efficiency chiller plant with A and B resilience, 4 no. 166 kW cooling each
  • BMS with extended monitoring capability
  • DX cooling units in the UPS rooms 2 no. 15 kW cooling each
  • Pre-insulated ABS pipework
  • AHU installation for the data hall
  • Heat recovery ventilation system fitted to the first floor administration area
  • Fire suppression equipment utilising the inergen blend of gases