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Franklin Power Plant

Georgia, US

The Franklin Biomass Power Plant will produce 65 Megawatts of power using a stoker grate boiler and a condensing turbine utilising locally available wood fuel. 


Georgia Renewable Power


Georgia, US

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April 2019

Designer Group provided the detailed design which includes civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and controls engineering. Power will be produced from nominal steam pressures of 1500 PSIG and 950 Degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, Designer Group established the biomass fuel supply chain for the plant and provided an asset management service for the plant which included start up and sustaining operations.

The fuel will consist of a mix of construction and demolition waste, railroad ties and green woodchip. Designer Group supervised the commissioning and start-up of the operation and when Commencement of Operation Date was reached, provided a total asset management service. The plant is exceptionally efficient with a front drying system for the fuel that ensures the plant will deliver a heat rate of 10,500 BTU’s/KWhr.

Case Studies / Franklin Power Plant

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