Health & Safety

All day, every day

Proactive Health & Safety

Designer Group is fully committed to the concept that all accidents, injuries, and incidents are preventable. We operate a ‘Zero Harm’ strategy across the business which drives us to exceed our statutory occupational health and safety (OHS) and welfare obligations.

Our world class OHS programme is led by our Board of Directors, implemented through Senior Management, and fostered by a culture that encourages and empowers employees to take charge of health & safety without fear of reprisal.

Together, we are united in our commitment to creating the safest work practices for our people, projects, and clients.


Building a sustainable business means making sure that we minimise our environmental impact to ensure long-term sustainability for all.

This means that our core activities and ISO accredited integrated management system is fully compliant with relevant environmental legislation and associated regulations.

At every level, our people strive to maintain environmental best practice as a core pillar of our businesses purpose and priorities.

Health & Safety Initiatives

We are always championing the importance of health and safety in the workplace and ensuring it stays at the forefront of everyone’s mind, all day, every day.

Designer Group acknowledge those employees who have shown exemplary OHS behaviours. They are mentioned in our internal staff publications, rewarded by our monthly positive recognition programme and celebrated at our Annual Business Awards within categories such as ‘Health and Safety Star’.

We also actively promote a number of annual health and safety events such as The Construction Industry Federation’s Construction Safety Week, European Week for Safety and Health in the workplace and World Mental Health Day.


Workplace wellbeing relates to all areas of work. It not only includes the quality and safety of the workplace, but how staff feel about their work, the environment and culture. Even the smallest changes towards healthier workplace habits, lead to better physical and mental wellbeing.

Designer Group run several different initiatives throughout the year to support our staff and help to start sometimes difficult conversations.

Training and continuous personal development

Health and safety training is, without question, the most important training to be given in perpetuity.  

All our employees benefit from attending our in-house Training Academy where we deliver both statutory and bespoke training courses across the entire business. Complementary mentoring and support is a significant part of any role within Designer Group. 

Customised training plans are developed to focus on the continuous improvement of everyone’s skills, maximising their capabilities, ensuring compliance with legislation and site rule and providing a platform for long-term career development. 

So far in 2022, we dedicated over 35,000 to health and safety training. 

Accreditations and Awards

In recent years we have been honoured to receive several awards recognising Designer Group’s level of service and training initiatives. We are uncompromising when it comes to safety and our ISO recognised standards and business accreditations reflect this.

Our policy

Our company’s occupational health and safety policy is a fundamental part of our culture and the foundation of all our leadership behaviours.