Safety is our number one priority as a business and is imbedded
in our culture, behaviour and process.

We constantly review our safety performance and look to implement new safety initiatives to improve all and eliminate risks. Our approach to safety is proactive not reactive and we believe that safety behaviour training plays a huge part in improving our workforce outlook on safety.

We believe Safety starts long before construction on site and we will review new methods techniques and processes through design and procurement to minimise risks on site. Examples of our safety initiatives are :-

Our supervisors and managers are trained to IOSH standards
We expect our supply chain to achieve a minimum safety score to continue to be on our approved supply chain.

We understand the need as a business to develop and work with both sustainable products and solutions and to ensure we consider the environmental impact of our business.

We have experience in the installation of a number of sustainable/Green/environmental installations including off shore wind farms, Photovoiataic, Ground Source Heat pumps, CHP and Biomass installations.