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We want everyone who works for us to reach their full potential. Helping develop their skills is something we do every single day.

Whether you want to reach an advanced skill level, hone your current skills, or want to climb the career ladder, we want you to know that we are striving to further your career just as much as you are. That is why we offer a 1-month review with your line manager, touchpoint reviews with the in-house HR team, and then ongoing reviews with your line manager.

Training Academy

Designer Group delivers the highest standards on all our projects time and time again.
So that we can continue to set the highest standards and continually support our workforce, we established our own Training Academy. Visit our training academy website here.

The Training Academy opened its doors in 2016 and we have never looked back. We have an accredited high-tech base to provide the best skills training to all our apprentices and tradespeople. At the Academy we can replicate on-site situations, so the training is real and relevant. We can oversee that our operatives will always be ‘best in class’ with an emphasis on quality, compliance, and meeting industry approved standards. It also assesses the competency of our operational staff in relation to both mechanical and electrical safe systems of working.

All our employees benefit from our in-house Training Academy. We deliver bespoke training courses across the entire business, which means all our employees are also health and safety compliant. We also offer a wide range of courses and programmes externally.


Leadership Academy

In the last year we have created two new training initiatives for our exceptional business leaders. The first, our ‘DG Leadership Academy’ to assist our highest performing managers to transition from ‘Manager’ to ‘Leader’. This management development programme is intended to nurture, develop and enhance management skills, giving our people the ability to make a difference within the business. 

The second is the ‘Leading Our Way’ programme, designed to support existing leaders in the business to better coach and mentor their teams, and to establish and maintain effective relationships. This programme ensures our leaders role model the behaviours that reflect the core values of Designer Group.

Both the ‘Leading Our Way’ and ‘Leadership Academy’ schemes focus on a diverse range of topics equipping candidates with the all the knowledge, insight and tools to become well-rounded leaders, delivering an exceptional service to our clients and building internal relationships that last.

CPD sponsorships

Designer Group’s Learning and Development Policy applies to all employees from Senior Management to Apprentices. We know that learning and development opportunities are essential to the motivation and retention of our staff.

Designer Group can provide financial assistance to employees to study programmes and courses that are specific to their job or future development.


We are one of the few companies who invest directly in our apprentices to ensure that they achieve their potential.

We formally assess each apprentice at the Training Academy during their ‘On the Job’ training, to the standard required for the national curriculum. We are always looking for apprentices to progress. Some of our senior management, engineering and planning teams began their careers as an apprentice.
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