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Now more than ever, we need to be agile and scalable to the needs of our clients. Our supply chain partners ensure that we are. Whatever the project in whichever economic climate, we maintain a resilient supply chain. All our supply chain partners are rigorously assessed to ensure that our engineering solutions are met without compromising quality.

We work with our supply chain as early as possible into a project. By doing this we work in an efficient way and can pass on our knowledge and best practice to our clients early in the process. We are also just as thorough at the end of projects obtaining supplier feedback. This means we gain a greater understanding of not only our business, but our clients’ challenges and objectives.

Our supply chain is an extension of our business, and while we expect our core values of respect, excellence, sustainability, and wellbeing from ourselves at all times, we also only work with those partners who share this vision.

What our suppliers say

Supplier selection

We want to work with our supply chain partners for the long term as it benefits our people, our company and above all, our clients. We collaborate from as early as possible into a project and want you to challenge us with your knowledge and practices so we are aware of innovations or new products that can help us gain competitive advantage.

To work with us you will have an initial viability assessment and continuous quarterly assessments thereafter. We will look at your track record and your overall ability to support international and global operations. It goes without saying that you must meet the correct regulatory quality system registrations and have the financial stability to deal with material costs. As a preferred supplier, we will expect that you will be able to carry out demonstrations and training under the Designer Group brand.

We work on some of the world’s most prestigious and iconic projects.

If you are interested in partnering with us and you can supply us with an unrivalled service, contact us using the form below.

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