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Project Nafasi

Solar Energy

Clean energy production is on the main agenda for many industries worldwide. Increasingly, firms are turning to solar energy as the source, as zero greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere using solar panels. The sun provides enough energy to the earth in just one hour to meet global energy needs for one whole year. By harnessing its power and collecting just a fraction of its energy, we can make strides towards making changes to the planet.

When our client East African Breweries Limited, Africa’s leading branded alcohol beverage business, was refurbishing their brewery, they wanted to make an investment in the future of their business and reduce their overall environmental impact. Based in Kenya they have the ideal conditions for renewable solar energy and with developments in technology advancing all the time, innovations in nanotechnology can double, or in some cases triple the effectiveness of solar panels.

Designer Group were appointed to lead the project in assessing, designing, sourcing, constructing, installing, and commissioning the solar photovoltaics facility. The project was delivered in a modular concept, prefabricated off-site and then shipped. The facility is located on the equator – the most substantial solar resource available. We combined this level of sunlight with our state-of the-art panel efficiency to maximise electrical output. The results; generation of an outstanding 400kWp solar facility.


East African Breweries Ltd



Project Value


Completion Date

July 2018

The total area of solar panels installed covered in excess of 2,200m2 – equivalent to eight and a half tennis courts. Designer Group installed over 1,300 panels on the roof of the brewery as well as 3 shade structures. Over and above the panels and installation, we also installed a bespoke web portal so the client can monitor the performance of the facility remotely, 24 hours a day.

The installation of Fronious Inverters allows the client complete ‘live monitoring’, providing real-time, instantaneous feedback giving information on energy and monetary savings. General maintenance can also be conducted from the portal which mitigates the requirements for physical checks on the installation, saving further time and money.

We can all drink to that!

Case Studies / Project Nafasi

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