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Waterloo Station


Waterloo is not only the busiest railway station in London, it is the busiest in Britain. On a normal week, it sees 300,000 passengers every day.  Space is at a premium. 

Where Eurostar once was, it has left  ‘dead space’ and a new project will provide 130,000 sq. ft of new retail space to be built under London’s Waterloo Station.  Beneath the 5 platforms that once welcomed Eurostar passengers back in 2007 will now be the home of  the 3 new retail floors. ​ It will feature 40 glass-fronted retail units with mezzanine and public spaces and a new pedestrianized street called the Waterloo Curve.

 The retail development has been approved by the Lambeth Council as part of the refurbishment of the iconic train station.





Project Value




The MEP shell and core works consist of gas, ventilation, BMS, water, sprinklers, fire alarms, power and data.


Case Studies / Waterloo Station

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Electrical Installation
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