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Published by: Tiffany Jones on Oct 29th 2020

I’ve learned too many skills to name them all. – Mark Fitzgerald, DG Apprentice.

At Designer Group our apprentices are encouraged by their mentors to challenge and develop themselves personally, allowing them growth and development within a thriving business. This approach leads to an array of dynamic opportunities and long-term, successful careers. Every apprentice is offered any training they need for their role and can even choose training from outside of their day-to-day.

Our apprentice Mark Fitzgerald tells his story of how he made a tough decision to change career and retrain at the age of 29.

Throughout my apprenticeship I’ve had great support from Designer Group, from internal training courses to representing the Company at the National Generation Apprenticeship competition and winning! It’s an experience I would never have had without Designer Group’s encouragement.

Read Mark’s full story here:
Generation Apprenticeship (apprenticeship-solas-staging.firebaseapp.com

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