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Published on Jun 10th 2022

Published by: Eoin on Jun 10th 2022

Last month, Tiffany Jones, Group Head of Marketing and Communications, joined professionals from across the industry at the inaugural Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Summit. ESG issues have been at the forefront of minds throughout the course of the pandemic and a plethora of sustainability-related initiatives and EU regulations, focused on stricter enforcement and monitoring of sustainability criteria, signal that we cannot afford to revert to business as we’ve known it.

The first ESG Summit explored how ESG matters translate into meaningful business decision-making and what it will take for responsible and resilient businesses to succeed in the long run. With over 30 speakers, covering topics such as governance of ESG risks, balancing profit and responsibility, ESG investors and more, the content will help businesses to embed ESG into the core of their operations.

The turnout was strong with over 300 delegates enjoying informative presentations and insightful panel discussions, all of which will help Designer Group plan and implement its own ESG strategies and sustainability agenda, as we build towards a net zero carbon business for 2035.

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