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Published on Jul 20th 2020

Published by: Eoin on Jul 20th 2020

We are delighted to announce our Health and Safety Culture Survey results for July. We were scored in the ‘Generative’ Range of the ‘Health and Safety Culture Ladder’.

It goes without saying that every job comes with at least some level of risk, however, some industries are more prone to dangers than others. The construction industry is certainly one of the more hazardous workplaces, but most of its associated risks can be avoided with proper health and safety measures. Partaking in a survey allows us at Designer Group to minimise and avoid the risks involved, by giving our employees the knowledge and information they need to safely get the job done. We at Designer Group want to make sure that we make our employees, clients and suppliers feel as safe as possible.

Safety culture is completely dependent on the overall culture of the organisation, trying to improve your “safety culture” can be a good catalyst for overall organisation change.

The health and safety culture survey is a helpful tool for understanding how safety is perceived, for measuring the impact of an intervention, or as an intervention in its own right. This survey is part of our commitment to setting the highest safety and quality benchmarks and is part of our company KPI’s.

Proving that operational health and safety is an unquestioned core value at Designer Group, our staff understand that both business excellence and health and safety excellence are achieved by the same actions and goals.

Here’s to positivity spreading health and safety awareness throughout every level of our organisation, at a time when it is more important than ever, both in the workplace and out.

We are proud of our team for proving every day, our excellence in our core values.

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