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Published on Jun 10th 2022

Published by: Tiffany Jones on Jun 10th 2022

It has been an extremely busy few months in Ireland working towards the completion and handover of 5 major projects.

Kildare Street, a Grade A commercial space, One Wilton, a mixed-use commercial development, OPW Yard 4, a commercial warehouse, LinkedIn Phase 1, office space for a tier one tech client and Burlington Plaza, commercial offices for retail and web services giant – Amazon, have all achieved completion and successful handover in the last six weeks.

It is our collaborative approach and team effort ethos through operations and support services, that has resulted in such successful outcomes for us and our clients. With most of these projects having been delayed due to the pandemic, it is a testament to the hard work all our colleagues have put in to see them reach this stage.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has played a significant part in achieving these project milestones.

At Designer Group, our driver is recognition and celebration of a successful outcome for all. Well done and best of luck to our project teams who will also be completing our next handovers in the coming weeks.

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