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Published on Sep 7th 2022

Published by: Eoin on Sep 7th 2022

Designer Group is proud to be an industry partner with Worldskills Ireland for their upcoming Worldskills Ireland 2022 event, which returns to the RDS, Dublin from September 13th – 15th after a three-year hiatus.

The three day event is a partnership between enterprise, industry, education, training and government, facilitating an environment that recognises skills and apprenticeships, and prepares the talent of today for careers of tomorrow. It promises to be an action-packed three days with live interactive events, competitions and the opportunity to meet with some of the best employers across an array of industries.

Choosing a career path can be a daunting decision as a student, but finding the best source of advice can make it infinitely easier to take those all-important steps. It is easy to understand why uncertainty is the biggest obstacle for students to overcome when finding a career path.

A collaborative effort that brings together experts with backgrounds in a range of different fields, Worldskills Ireland offers the chance to make a much more informed decision. Leading minds behind industries ranging from automotive, to cookery, to construction, and everything in between, will be on hand to provide insight to help today’s talent plan a career of tomorrow.

Opening hours are 10am to 5pm and attendance is free, so come along and visit us at this must-attend event! Also, look out for us on the Heroes Stage at the official Sponsor’s Reception, 5pm on Wednesday 14th September.

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