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Published by: Tiffany Jones on Apr 29th 2022

Designer Group is excited to launch its brand-new, Group, digital knowledge sharing portal – DG HIVE. In the ever-changing landscape of our exciting industry, we continue to adapt and drive innovation to meet and exceed demanding requirements. Our innovation strategy team have developed our bespoke, central system which will enable us all to work more efficiently and facilitate sharing information seamlessly across the Group.

As an engineering company at the forefront of our industry, our passion for progress means we give uncompromising attention to impact and excellence, and investment in innovation is critical to achieving this.

The launch of DG HIVE marks a significant milestone on our innovation journey. DG HIVE will unlock our ability to communicate lessons learnt, enabling us to collectively share knowledge and skills, encourage new ideas, learn from our previous oversights and improve our quality of delivery, all in one central online system.

We chose the name HIVE due to the relevance of ‘hive mind’, a large number of people who share their knowledge or opinions with one another to create collective intelligence. Expressed through coordinated behaviour, similar to a colony of social insects, regarded as functioning together as a single mind. We are very excited about this group wide initiative and utility our internal ‘hive mind’.

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