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Published on Sep 1st 2021

Published by: Tiffany Jones on Sep 1st 2021

The new Town Hall is an exciting project, which is situated at the former Royal London Hospital site, will be the major community hub, servicing residents and businesses in the borough.

The design is a fusion of a heritage site (Grade II listed) and a new-build with all the important historical aspects being maintained.  Designer Group have so far overseen the partial demolition of extensions and the development of new block.

Works that were under our control over the last month included the delivery of the two phases of Air Handling Units (AHUs).  Designer Group meticulously planned for the delivery, ensuring that the correct plant was sourced to lift and place the units and civil consents were granted. Five separate AHUs were delivered and successfully ‘landed’ on the roof safely with no damage to the roof membrane or the units themselves. They will service the Grocer’s Wing in the new Town Hall and the Chambers wing.

Further to this, Designer Group in 2no 8-hour periods delivered 3no riser modules and landed into position. These riser modules contained RWP. inc acoustic insulation, CHWS and LTHW pipework. inc Thermal insulation, Domestic pipework. inc Thermal insulation, Fire rated extract ductwork, inc Fire insulation, Steel supply ductwork. inc Thermal insulation, Multi-services containment, Distribution and lighting control panels and finally, Lighting services.

This was all carried out off site and in a controlled environment and allowed for the client to attend site and QA prior to delivery.

An eighteen week build programme on site was reduced to 3 days, removing health and safety issues (such as working at height), co-ordination issues, reducing site logistics and storage, removing any site waste production, and reducing site labour levels and Supervision and Management resources.

Over a 8 hour period, circa £1million pounds of Capital plant, pipework and services were delivered by means of 5no packed plant room sections, all within an 8 hour shift. This provides massive benefit to the programme, to quality and mitigates labour on site and maintains our high-quality standards.

Finally, our Life-safety Generator set was delivered closing this month planned deliveries.

Designer Group is pioneering Offsite Manufacturing, mitigating Covid-19 risk, and reducing site and access issues.

Tower Hamlets will have a Town Hall to envy when it opens in 2022.

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